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Written by: Mary Anne Young


CanPlant is an evolution of the Native Plant Database, a searchable database of Canadian native plants that was online from 2003 – 2017.


The Native Plant Database was an initiative of Evergreen, which launched originally to support the organization’s cross-Canada work in urban stewardship and greenspace restoration. Evergreen is a Canadian national charity with a vision to enable flourishing cities; since 1991, Evergreen has worked to “convene, collaborate and catalyze ideas into action”, with projects including school ground greening, promoting urban agriculture, investing in public art, promoting youth innovation in city building, and more. For more information see


The Native Plant Database was taken offline as Evergreen did not have the resources needed to maintain and manage the database. In 2018, a Request for Proposal process was initiated to select another organization to re-launch the database and expand on its original vision. Dougan & Associates, an ecological consulting and design firm based in Southern Ontario, was selected to be the new stewards of the database. The Dougan & Associates team is very excited for this opportunity to dig into over 5000 plant records and to brainstorm new and exciting directions for the future of the site.


CanPlant was chosen as the new name for the Native Plant Database; this name was chosen to both explain the breadth of the website’s scope (Canadian Plants) as well as to be encouraging and uplifting (yes you CAN plant!)


The newly launched CanPlant website contains all of the data and functionality as the original Native Plant Database, and D&A are brainstorming what the future of this resource may be – information for plant growers and gardeners, climate change mitigation resources, academic partnerships, etc. If you are interested in participating please contact us.


For what Canplant has to offer right now, click here to start browsing 5000+ native Canadian plants.

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August 11, 2022
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