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Our Story

CanPlant's mission is to connect people with plants.

Originally developed by Evergreen in the form of their Native Plant Database, we are a set of resources and tools to help anyone identify ecologically-appropriate native plant species appropriate for restoration, gardening, and landscape design.

CanPlant is managed by the team at Dougan & Associates, a well-established ecological consulting and design firm. D&A is based in Southern Ontario and has close to 40 years of experience in the fields of terrestrial biology, ecological assessment, and landscape architecture.

CanPlant strives to carry on the work started by Evergreen, providing the plant database as a freely accessible resource. We are committed to using new media as a tool of engagement and to keep growing, finding new ways to foster ecological literacy.

How You Can Help

The CanPlant database is intended to be an ever-evolving resource. If you believe CanPlant is doing valuable work, if this resource has helped you understand the world around you, or you want to be a advocate for Canadian plant knowledge, here are the ways you can contribute:

Become a Plant Database Steward

It takes hours, expertise, and money to keep our web presence alive. By becoming a Steward and making a small monthly donation, you are ensuring that we can sustain this work into the future.


Submit A Photo

Whether you're an expert or hobbyist, we can use your accurately-ID'ed photos of wild Canadian plant species. Please use our Submit Plant Photo Form to send them our way. After review, we'll make your photos a part of CanPlant and you'll be participating in our greater mission to connect people with plants.


Become a Guest Blogger

If you've got a great idea related to Canadian plants and are seeking a platform, we're excited to hear all about it! Please don't hesitate to get in contact with us.


Acknowledging the Land, its First Peoples, and Traditional Knowledge

The geopolitical area called Canada resides on Indigenous land. This land comprises many different territories which have been inhabited by First Nations, M├ętis Nations, and Inuit peoples from the beginning. You can see whose land you're on using the following interactive map:

Respectful recognition of the history, culture, and information systems of Indigenous communities needs to be part of our mission to connect people with plants. Furthermore, acknowledgement of Canada's history and legacy of colonialism and the need for change must continually inform our work.

Beyond simply including this text, we recognize that we have an obligation to use CanPlant's educational tools and media to help create dialogue around reconciliation, to promote Indigenous knowledge, and to cultivate strong relationships with the First Peoples of Canada.

We understand this responsibility to be an ongoing practice. If you have ideas for work that CanPlant can do in support of these aims, please contact us.

Stay Informed

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